The WrapMaster  

It's amazing how easy the WrapMaster makes sizing and cutting the paper to the exact size you need for any box or package. It's the very best AND fastest gift-wrapping tool in the world. It will cut your gift-wrapping time by 60 to 75 percent! Made with elegant simplicity so the only moving part is you! It will last a lifetime and is guaranteed to do so!. With a ruled cutting edge it is easy to measure the package and then the exact amount of wrapping paper required and cut it cleanly with nearly one motion.
Whether you are cutting on a table, a carpeted floor, or even on a bed; the Wrapmaster will cut your giftwrap straight and fast! And amazingly is sharp enough to cut paper but won't cut you!

Our Most Popular Set - 

The Giftwrap Tool Set -3 piece

WrapMaster 31", Q-Pon Cutter, and Hands-Free Tape Dispenser

You save money when you buy a set, The cost of packaging and first item shipping is where the greatest cost is. Since we can put more than one unit into our shipping tubes and containers we can ship additional units at a greatly reduced cost. The savings are passed on to you! This makes it easier to buy more units to give as gifts. And as you may see by our testimonials, People LOVE their WrapMaster products!

Save $5.00 when you buy the package!



Best overall Value Set

The Purely Paper Cutting Set.  3 Piece plus Freebie

WrapMaster 31", Q-Pon Cutter, and Crafter's Paper Cutter + Includes FREE Hands-free Tape Dispenser!

You can save money when you buy our sets. Buy some to give as gifts. And as you may see by our testimonials, People LOVE their WrapMaster products!

The value of the free gift is $5.00

The Q-Pon Cutter  (Cute name multiple uses)

Every time I turned around, I was being asked, "Why don't you make a little one for coupons, recipes, and all the other things I cut out of magazines, newspapers, and note paper?" Hats off to the ladies who asked! Our smallest and most versatile tool is the Q-Pon Cutter. We thought Q-Pon Cutter was a clever name to sell a device that cuts coupons. I'm not sure everyone gets it, but the molds are made and we're stuck with the name.  And it cuts more than coupons. Some use it for scrapbook projects too! See the instructions video below! 
This one makes a great stocking stuffer! They'll love it!


                    Folding, Tucking, and Taping​​ ...Takes two Hands,

                 Free Them  Up with .....The Hands-Free tape Dispenser!

Thank you for shopping with us!

The Creative Crafter's Paper Cutter

Fifteen inches long, a straight cutting edge on one side and a scalloped cuttine edge on the other.  Because?....A lady who loved her WrapMaster came by my booth at a show and asked, "Can you cut one of those in half ?" "Why would I want to", I asked. "Because it would work great for scrapbooking and crafts" she said. "What", I asked, "is scrapbooking?". Well, she explained what she wanted and I made it.  She got it and loves it!  WrapMaster owners have been the ones suggesting two of our top selling tools!

"When the paper is the right size,                        everything else is easy!"

wrapmaster gift wrapping tool to save time
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Hands-free Tape Dispenser

Another great time saver, The Hands-Free Tape Dispenser will also speed up your gift wrapping. Hands Free means just that. Both your hands are free to tuck and fold the paper getting ready to put the tape on. The tape dispenser is always right on your hand exactly where you need it!  No more searching and wasting time!.  It's refillable with any brand of tape and YOU CHOOSE how short or long a piece of tape you need - not the manufacturer!

 Not sure?........ Did it look too easy? ........ Watch again                                     a smaller package