Why is  there a WrapMaster? 

                Because Nobody can cut straight with scissors! ....Nobody!

Some of my Christmas giftwrapping sessions on the floor used to last until the wee hours of the morning. It was after one of those marathon sessions when my hands were sore from using scissors, I had wasted too much paper, and had spent way too much time doing it. I went to bed moaning and complaining that there had to be a better way to accomplish this process. My wife, (she's like this) said, "Stop complaining and do something about it", so I did.

                                             Getting it right

I tried every tool there is to cut giftwrap: the wheel cutters, the rippers, the zippers, knives and yardsticks, sharper and sharper scissors and every new thing that came down the pike. None of them did the job really well. Where to begin? I started with a flat piece of metal with a straight edge. I refined the straight edge idea by making a Vee shaped angle that would keep the edge stiff and straight even when you pressed it onto carpet. The vee also allows you to cradle a roll of giftwrap in it so you can hold both the roll and the WrapMaster, then cut straight off the roll. I made the edge sharp enough to cut paper without cutting you and added some inch marks to make it easy to measure the paper just before you cut it.

By the next Christmas, after several prototypes and finding a way to make them economically out of a durable plastic, I had my first WrapMaster! Since then we've made and sold over a million of them. This is a priceless tool for all who wrap gifts. It really does make it easy; I've had blind people, and severe arthritis sufferers buy and use the WrapMaster! If you can Pinch, Press, and Pull, you can cut paper straight as an arrow!  It is especially gratifying when I sell directly at consumer shows to have users come by to interrupt me and say, or mouth the words.. "I love it! It seems there are two kinds of people who love the Wrapmaster: those who love wrapping gifts and those who don't. If you've ever cut aluminum foil or wax paper; you know the motion....... Now you can use it on gift wrap with a WrapMaster.

                                            Our  guarantee

Our products are made to last. If, under normal use, one fails or breaks, just send it back and we'll replace it! 

Frustration was the mother of invention !

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